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I love sleep so much i literally dream about sleeping


Safari Zone by Arthurdentxxxxii

I went completely dead for this babe ;)

i will not let my clitoris make decisions for me

16. April 2014


i will not let my clitoris make decisions for me

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"Male privilege is “I have a boyfriend” being the only thing that can actually stop someone from hitting on you because they respect another man more than they respect your rejection/lack of interest."

The Sociological Cinema

There was actually research that was done that found that women who used an “I have a boyfriend/husband” excuse to reject unwanted sexual attention and harassment by their bosses were more likely to be left alone than those who used any other excuse (including “I’m not interested”)

Because men respect another man’s property (and that’s how they see us) than a woman’s autonomy.

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my friends introducing me to people


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"We looked at that evening as a night that may never happen again," says Dave Grohl. "That’s what made it so powerful"
Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic give us the inside story of Nirvana’s one-night-only reunion.
Anonymous: what's your instagram?

Jazpinto idk if you want it though, its not even 2 weeks old


The fact that no one knows how dangerously depressed i am makes it even more scary for me.




whys tumblr always so dead on sundays

no post on sundays


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  • Me: Sounding extremely formal, using fancy words, correcting grammar and spelling at least 63 times.
  • Teacher: Ok lol thanxx :-)

Just thinking about you makes me sick. Now I’m too nauseous to sleep.


So one of my friends broke her arm falling off her porch and her hot neighbor friend took her to the emergency room. When she about to get a xray the technician asked “is there any possibility of you being pregnant?” and she’s like “No” the technician looked at her, looked the the hot neighbor friend then look back at her and asked "Are you sure?"

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is he cute or is he just tall????  a real question yall need to ask yourselves 

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